Who we are

Land Securities is a FTSE 100 company and the largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in the UK on the basis of market capitalisation.


Founded by Harold Samuel when he acquired Land Securities Investment Trust Limited.


The Company buys key London assets and acquires development company Ravenseft Properties.


In one of Britain’s biggest property deals at the time, Land Securities took over The City of London Real Property Company.


The property crisis of 1974 requires the sale of assets valued at £200m.


Downturn turns to growth. Land Securities moves into the retail warehouse sector.


The Company capitalises on the downturn to buy a number of shopping centres.


We enter the Property Outsourcing market with the purchase of Trillium in 2000. We convert to REIT status in 2007, and sell Trillium in 2009.


We now own and manage more than 2.8 million m2 of commercial property.

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Our market

Our market

Combined portfolio value


  • Retail
  • London


We are focused on the two largest segments of the UK commercial property market – retail and London offices. These markets are cyclical and respond to macro-economic trends. They are also affected by specific national and local influences such as planning, employment and general business activity.


We own, manage and develop shopping centres and retail parks across the UK. Our assets are in key locations that have either a proven record of trading success or excellent potential for future success. For more information on the retail market please read our Retail Portfolio review.


We own, manage and develop a portfolio of office properties in the capital complemented by retail and residential accommodation. Our assets are concentrated in central London, from Victoria in the west to the City in the east. For more information on the London market please read our London Portfolio review.

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Our management

Executive team

Francis Salway

Francis Salway
Chief Executive

Martin Greenslade

Martin Greenslade
Group Finance Director

Richard Akers

Richard Akers
Managing Director, Retail Portfolio

Robert Noel

Robert Noel
Managing Director, London Portfolio

Governance and risk

The Board is responsible for providing leadership for the Group. It ensures that the right strategy is set, acceptable risks are taken and appropriate financial and human resources are in place in order to deliver value to shareholders and benefits to the wider community. The Board also sets standards for ethical behaviour and for monitoring environmental and health and safety performance. You can read more about governance in Corporate governance, and more on risk in Our risks and how we manage them.


We strongly believe that the Company’s remuneration policy should be aligned with, and sensitive to, shareholders’ interests. Pay and rewards should attract the best people to the business and incentivise them to produce superior returns for shareholders. This is why a substantial part of our Executive Directors’ reward is performance-related pay, with incentives to exceed industry benchmarks and outperform our peer group in terms of Total Shareholder Return. You can read more about remuneration in the Directors’ remuneration report.

Corporate Responsibility

For us, good Corporate Responsibility is about striking the right balance between the economic, environmental and social aspects of our activities. We believe our assets should be part of, not apart from, the communities they serve. Our aim is to be the property company people choose to do business with. Read more about our approach to Corporate Responsibility.

New Street Square

New Street Square

Reducing energy consumption through behaviour change

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